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Got News? Pics? An announcement?

Just email


We now have a fantastic way for our church to connect and share our news, joys, pictures, and events with each other and the wider community! You can use this address to send any pictures or announcements that you would like to share via Facebook or display on our electronic sign for everyone to see.

Wish Your Bestie Happy Birthday!

Share that crazy group shot from the last picnic!

Let the community know about your next mission project!


It's a wonderful opportunity to showcase all the positive things happening at Maryville FCC. All emails sent to this address will be received by our office, and our Office Administrator will be able to use them for social media posts, email announcements, or electronic signage as she deems appropriate. This ensures that the information reaches the right channels effectively.


Remember, if you share it to this email address,

you're giving us permission to share it with the public.



Tech Specs:

Sending Your Magical Moments On the Fly


Now, let's talk about the technical aspect. To make things even more convenient, we encourage you to create a contact on your phone or desktop called "Church Social."


Instead of entering a phone number, input the email address

This will let you easily send pictures and other information directly from your phone to the Gmail account.


We have so many wonderful things happening within our church community! Let's share them with each other and the wider community.

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