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Equipment Setup

Pre-Service Setup

Post-Service Duties

1.  Power up / login to Mac Mini Computers

There are two Mac computers we use to produce our Sunday service.  A Mac Mini that runs the projections and another Mac Mini that runs the cameras, livestream and some sound.

  • Turn on the external monitors.

  • Jiggle the mouse or touch the keyboard a couple of times to bring the iMac out of it's sleep.  If someone turned it off (YOU SHOULDN'T), power it on and login using the passcode you get from Pat.  If any of the mouse(s) or keyboards need AA batteries, they are found in the slide out drawer beneath the cabinet which is on the wall, directly to the right of the tech table.

  • If one or both of the computers are turned off, you will need to power them on and login.  Power on instructions are found HERE.  You will now need to login to the computers.  Select the user "FCC Maryville MO - Production" and use the login that Pat has provided you with.

2.  Power on the Projector - You only need to do this step if the button on the Stream Deck doesn't work!

Open up the Chrome browser and look to the bookmark bar (near the top of the screen) and you will see                                                        .  Click on that and you will see this:

Click on "Control" and you will see this...

Single click on "STANDBY" and the projector will power on after a few seconds.

3.  Startup PowerPoint

  • Open the PowerPoint app and the week's Presentation.  If it is not ready, open last week's presentation just so we can confirm operation!  At the very top of the screen you will see "Slide Show", click on that then, "Play from Start".  The presentation should begin and this section of our setup is complete!

4. Turn on Stage Lights - You only need to do this step if the button on the Stream Deck doesn't work!

Click "TURN ON ALL LIGHTS" and if you've bee a good boy or girl, the lights will come on!

If you don't though see the "EOS" button, you should see this "ETC" button.                  click on it and you should see something like this:

Screenshot 2023-07-03 at 12.32.45 PM.png

We WANT to see the blue button say, "Primary".  If it doesn't follow these trouble shooting guidelines found HERE.

Screenshot 2023-07-03 at 12.34.31 PM.png
  • The first thing we are going to do is make sure that the lighting system is working.

    • At the bottom of the Mac screen you will see this icon


  • Click on that icon and you will see this screen..​

More detailed responses to these questions can be found by clicking on the question:

How do I find and make visible the "MS or Magic Sheet " tab?

5B. Turn on Sanctuary Lights

These to images below show the layout of the Sanctuary light switches. Switches 1-6 control the individual sets of lighting fixtures.  The switch "LED BOOTH LIGHTS" control a small string of lights for the booth.  The "HOUSE LIGHTS MASTER" switch turns on all of the sanctuary lights and the same time and is generally the only thing that needs to be turned on.  The last two switches "3 WAY TOP" and "3 WAY BOTTOM" allow control of the top and bottom lamps in each fixture.

6.  Stream Deck - If the buttons have been working in previous steps, you don't have to worry about this!

Now we need to get our "Stream Deck" device working.  It will look like this and it is right below the main monitor.


For this device to work, the app "Bitfocus Companion" needs to be running.  To do this insure that app is running.  At the very top of the mac screen you will see a small icon like this

If the app is running it will be lit up, like above, but if the app is not running, the device will be dark, click on the small icon, then "Launch GUI" and the device will light up!

7.  ATEM Software Control App

Next we need to make sure that the ATEM App is running.  The icon for this app looks like this.

Click on this and the app will open and look something like this:

I have highlighted two areas with yellow boxes.  "Switcher" at the bottom of the screen and "Output" in the top right corner need to be clicked on and everything should be looking like this!  We are going to come back to this screen later.

Switcher  -  ATEM Mini Pro

This is the device that switches between all of the input signals, i.e., two cameras, PowerPoints and this Mac.  It also serves as our livestream "encoder" which means this device does all of the processing of our services so YouTube can accept our programming.  This is a diagram of our switcher, the Black Magic Design, ATEM Mini PRO.

In this diagram the yellow labels at the top of the device show where all of the different cables plug in.  The labels on the bottom designate which button controls which input signal.

Note how some of the buttons have either a red, green or white border.  At this point, press the buttons so that their colors match the borders above.

Camera - PTZ Optics

Now we are going to setup our two cameras.  We'll start with the PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) camera at the back of the sanctuary.  Right above and to the right of were you are probably sitting right now!

We need to power the camera on.  Go to the "Stream Deck" Device and hit the Up arrow button until you see this:










Hit the "PTZ ON" button and after a moment of two the camera will power on.

Camera - Still Camera

Next you need to plug in the still camera to the outlet right behind the main monitor.  The plug has orange tape on it.

So, if you have done all of these things, the external monitor should look like this:

Setup - 


Facebook Live is our primary streaming platform.  There is a bit of setup that needs to occur each week, and we're going to take a look at that now.  If you click on this link, you will be directed to our FCC Facebook page, and it should look something like this...

Screenshot 2023-05-30 at 2.17.09 PM.png

The next thing you need to do is click the "Live Video" button and you will see this dialog box... 

Click this "Select" button under "Go Live".

...and you will see this screen.  Scroll down a bit until you see this.

Screenshot 2023-05-30 at 2.20.46 PM.png

click here

Next, click on "What's your live video about?"  And you will see this...

Screenshot 2023-05-30 at 2.54.46 PM.png

Now, in both high lighted spaces you will type the same information..."Sunday Service, "date of service"", so, "Sunday Service 6-4-23" in both spaces. Click on "Save" and it should look like this...

Screenshot 2023-05-30 at 3.02.01 PM.png

...and you will see the information you typed in previously!

Now we have to go back to the ATEM Mini Pro App and focus on the "Output section" which should look like this:

Screenshot 2023-05-30 at 3.07.14 PM.png

The code here should match the code with the yellowish box around it above

If the codes do not match, Go up to the yellowish box  and select "Reset" and "Copy", come back here and paste into the "Key" box just above!

Sound Console - Behringer X32

The first thing we need to do is power up the sound system and there are two steps:

  • There is a large switch at the top of the rack just beneath the sound console.  Turn that on.

  • Next, turn on the sound console.  The is a large "rocker" type switch on the back, lower right side of the console.

  • You will see this popup on the console screen:

  • You might see this popup on the console screen.  If it does, hit the arrow in the red box to make the popup go away.

  • Next, find the "Scenes" area of the console and select the "View" button.

  • You should then see this, or something close to this on the screen.

We need to get to the "Scenes" tab.  Hit the arrow key in the red box to "tab" over to the Scenes screen.

  • You should see something then that looks like this.  Next, use the rotary knob (see red circle) and scroll down until the screen looks like this...

When you select and load a Scene (More on that later), you will bring up the correct microphones / sources for that part of the service. A more detailed list of scenes is located in the appendix.  Use the rotary knob under "Scene Load" section of the screen to scroll to Scene 10, "Mic Check".  Depress the knob and you will see something like the image below, then the right arrow under "Page Select" to load the scene.

At this point you will check all of the mics to make sure they are opperational.  If a wireless microphone or beltpack has two or less battery bars, go ahead and replace the batteries.

After mic check you will need to setup any mics need for special music or other parts of the service that need sound reinforcement.  Check these mics as well for operation.

Next select and load the scene for "PreService".  We should be all set to go for audio.

End Facebook Livestream

When the service has concluded, wait about 45 - 60 seconds then you may end the livestream.  To do this go back to the ATEM software control app and click on "OFF".

Then go back to the Facebook Chrome page we used to setup the stream before service and click on "End live video" 

Then "End".

Screenshot 2023-05-31 at 10.44.59 AM.png

Power off the sound system

  • Turn the power switch on the back of the console "OFF".

  • Turn the red switch at the top of the audio rack "OFF".

Power off Cameras

  • Press "PTZ OFF" to power down the PTZOptics Camera

  • Simply unplug the Still Camera.

Close the ATEM Software Control App

Right Click this icon                       in the Mac Dock and select "Quit"

End/Close PowerPoint

  • On the main Mac Mini screen, click on "End Show" in the top left corner of the screen.

  • Close the PowerPoint App.

Power Off the projector

  • Press "Proj OFF" to power down the Projector

OR, if that doesn't work complete the below steps...

  • Open up the Chrome browser and look to the bookmark bar (near the top of the screen) and you will see                                                  .  Click on that. and you will see this

  • Click on the Power button one more time.  The button might say "ON" but that is ok.  When you click on the button, a pop-up dialog box will appear asking you if you really want to turn off the projector.  You do.

Mac Mini Proj
Stage Lights
Stream Deck
Facebook Live
End Livestream
PowerDown Sound System
Power Off Cameras
Close ATEM App
Close PowerPoint
PowerDown Proector
Sleep Computers

Sleep the Projections Mac Mini & Turn off Monitors

Click on the        in the upper left corner of the screen, then click on "Sleep".

Finally, power off all monitors.

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